Monday, April 30, 2007

An angel and more

This little girl was yesterdays lamb of the day. Her mother "Tippi" is doting on her very nicely. She looks a bit different than most Icelandic faces we are used to, which I mean in a nice way. Her face is almost an "angel" lamb face. She's very "pretty".
This is the first ewe lamb born here this year that will for sure stay with us instead of being sold. I don't even mind that she is white since I don't really have many white sheep. Now to think of a name: and it will not be angel! To many animals are named that. We need something more EWEnique :-D for her. We'll have to watch her personality to see what fits her best.

Also this morning an adult ewe (Aleda) had twins. I will post pictures later if I remember when I put them on my web site. Aleda had a moorit ewe lamb---no grey on her which blows my theory about my ram carrying only grey. She also is going to stay with us, which puts us at two for sure to keep. The other is a very stocky moorit badgerface ram lamb with HUGE horn buds. He's going to have a set of horns to be proud of for sure. I can't tell if he carries grey since the badger covers it a bit--we'll have to wait a week or so to know for sure. I think his weight is in line with the other ram's birth weights but he looks to be the stockiest ram lamb we have gotten so farm. Nice.
The reason we are hesitating on keeping lambs is that we have been trying to downsize to about 8 to 10 ewes. We are unsure of the number since we keep wiffle waffling on who to sell and who not too. We have had some of them for sale then you think: wait not that one, this other one. No not that one, how about this one.
It's not easy to choose. They all have their pros and cons---and you wonder if you sell them will that one be the one you regret selling in the long run. Ahh...decisions, decisions.

O.K---two yearling ewes to go. That's it. Will be in the next two weeks but no idea if it will be tomorrow or day 14.


Jamie said...

What a beautiful lamb! I wish I could take some of those extra sheepies off your hands...

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

I wouldn't let you have this little girl anyways Jamie! :-D she's just to cute to part with!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Followed your name from my friend Kathy's blog (Sheep Thrills) to yours -- like I need more interesting sheepy blogs to be hooked on! I won't be blessed with any lambs of my own this year, so I'm living vicariously through others' photos. Like Kathy, I have a tiny flock of Shetlands.

My husband is a vet; mostly works on horses now but has done it all. If I can get him to work on ours (the cobbler's children have no shoes, don't you know), it is a great help and money-saver.

Robbyn said...

She does have the sweetest face...very delicate features. I'm glad you're keeping her...will love to see if her future lambs will have the same exquisite heads

Congratulations on more healthy lambs!! They're all so beautiful :)