Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bad lambs

This must be the year of the bad lambs. Not only am I STILL waiting on arrivals (7 more ewes still to go!! bad babies holding out in there) but I have some other really really BAD lambs. 3 of them have figured out how to slip through a few spots in the fence---which has never ever been an issue for us previously. Of course generally by the time they are this old we have on the electric wire and they quickly learn not to mess around near the fence, which includes going through or under it. However, with the fact that one of my lambs is not even a week---and more young ones to come---we have left it off for their sake. So, the others make their way through it periodically---bad bad babies! Then we have to go and chase them down, trying to catch or herd them to get them back on the correct side of the fence.

Then there is the triplet ram lamb. HE plays around the water trough. So much so---we don't have water in them because we were afraid he would fall in---which he does (we are using some smaller buckets for now). The tubs are the old cast iron claw foot bathtubs---two side by side (we sit and drink a beer in them and talk after a hot days work in the summer). Well, Mr triplet has now decided he will play in them----then he squalls and squalls and SQUALLS for his mother to come over to him. Well, we tried saving him a few times but the brat will wait until we are right next to him then he will


out and run away. Brat.

Lastly we have the lamb that "screams" for her mother (I have never heard a lamb as loud as this one) in a voice/sound that replicates a dying animal being attacked by something. Or it also sounds kind of like a child screaming in pain. Either way---very disturbing, especially in the night. And I always have to go check the "wolf" cryer---just in case. She might only be across the pasture----but that is how she calls her mother. Brat.

Hopefully the hold outs will be much more polite lambs. They have already put me through the "trial of patience" so the least they could do after that is be way better than these others are.
Someday.........I will find out.


Robbyn said...

I'm laughing!!

I have this mental image of you and your husband, kicked back in the outdoor iron tubs with your late-day drinks, screaming and misbehaving lambs acting like 2 year olds all around you and Mikey having to decide whether to protect you from becoming the ram lamb's trampoline or to keep the others from exiting fence holes.

Never a dull moment, eh? LOL

Cheryl said...

It sounds like you've got your hands full! Oh the joys of motherhood. :D

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Robbyn and Cheryl: They can be little brats thats for sure. Oh yes Robbyn: Mikey wouldn't be "protecting" us--he'd be trying to figure out how to get in with us!