Saturday, April 28, 2007

On a roll now

Yesterday after Greta had her ewe lambs we noticed that her sister Havvah seemed to be acting a bit "off". By the evening she still had not had her lambs though so I went to bed early (exhaustion from all the night time checks!) asking my husband to please check her later. He said he checked her about 10:45 and knew she would lamb that night---so he waited up for her. By 12:30 when he rechecked, she had had both of them by then. Two moorit spotted ram lambs with horn buds. Bummer! I was hoping for at least one spotted moorit ewe out of Havvah! Drat! They are spunky little guys though---not as active as quickly as Greta's "barely out of the womb and doing the jig" girls but close. They look almost identical---and are spotted almost exactly as their sire.
Here's some afternoon pictures:

See, they look almost alike.
So after that we went back to bed but I got up to make my quick morning check at 6:30 and surprise me if I didn't have a yearling ewe (Suri) have twins during the night---twin ram lambs. Oh well---maybe I'll get some more girls from the others still to go.
However it is: yearlings can have twins but it's not something you count on so we were surprised. She didn't even look that big. They are a black and a moorit both with grey---which confirms my theory that my ram is homozygous for grey.

Here they are:

You will notice they are full of hay. That would be because they have decided right under the hay feeder is the best place in the stall. So all the fine blades keep covering them up. They are cute though that is for sure.

By the way---we had a gentlemen come out from the local paper yesterday to do a "human interest" story on us. Hmmm...surprising to think of ourselves as "interesting" because we do something we like so much. He took pictures and asked many questions. We will see how it comes out. I told him to chop my head out of any pictures with me in them that he might publish :-)

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Robbyn said...

One of the spotted rams' eye patches looks like a pirate :) Congrats on the healthy lambs...rams seem plenteous this year!