Thursday, April 12, 2007


I want to see my lambs but my sheep are not co operating this year. I have heard this is happening to many other people. Must be an extension of the screwy weather we had in 2006---that year just keeps going on.
My other two sets of lambs are doing great and growing very well. As a matter of fact since I put them in a special "I had my lambs" pasture----they have become their own little flock. Sometimes one mommy has 5 bouncing, kicking, jumping, sproinging, twisting baby lambs trailing along with her while the other mommy is across the pasture.
As I went out this morning and came back in with the same news of no new lambs I said to my son "don't know why I bothered---their just going to hold out FOREVER!"
Donkeys---stubborn donkeys. That's exactly what I am raising right now!

Someday- maybe- I can post more pictures of lambs and finish this whole lambing season. Their killing me here with the suspense of it all though.
Maybe I should hold on to the thought that they are "brewing" up twins or triplets in there and that's why it's taking so long :-D
Anyways---warm weather is coming for us. Today will be a great day to work outside again.


Phelan said...

There us nothing wrong with donkeys!


Hope you see some lambs soon.

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Hahahaha---no offense to all the donkeys in the world but you have to admit---they can be stubborn little boogers when they want to!!:-D
Thanks for the lamb "prayer" Phelan!

Joe Greene said...

At least you've got some! We're still waiting for the first. It's for the best, though, since we've had cold weather for the last couple weeks.

Robbyn said...

Ah, my little one came soooooo late when I had her (years ago)...I bet the ewes will be as relieved as you are when it's all said and done :)