Sunday, April 22, 2007

Some more flowers

Finally after the nasty freeze we get some more flowers to bloom. The poppies are late this year---these buds were actually almost ready to bloom right at the frost. Luckily they were hardy enough to wait until we had this warmer weather. There are currently two as of this morning with many many more buds in the waiting. Sometimes they bloom at the same time as my hesperaloe and they look gorgeous together. I don't think they will bloom concurrently this year---I will have to wait and see. I will take a picture if they do since they are really attractive together.

The poppies that have invaded the yard will be a bit later to bloom since they don't have as prime of a location. This batch in the picture has a brick wall with most of the day sun to help warm them, so they are always earlier than the others. There should be pink in there too, but over time the reds have a tendency to beat out the other colors (they say). I will have to wait and see if the pinks actually will come back again. Pretty though aren't they irregardless of color. I like them.

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Lisa said...

Your poppies are gorgeous! I am very jealous. We have chipmunks around us that are little opium addicts, and eat the buds off and then have deformed babies, sadly. I've gone cold turkey on them for a couple of years, but maybe I will try again this year. So pretty.