Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What a camera

O.K---so I have to say I really like my Sony Cybershot. For a $200 camera it is pretty snazzy.
Yes, I am sure if you spend quite a bit more you can get more features and even better pictures but for my small business this is all I really need. We have a friend who takes family photographs as a sideline business and her camera is in the $2000 range. I didn't need that for sure.
Anyways---I really realized how nice the pictures are when I posted these pictures of my Icelandic fleeces for sale yesterday:

The detail is great---the fleeces never looked so good on my web site before. WOW! Makes you want to touch them doesn't it!
Then we took some pictures of the animals and well: Man! they look good too. I am impressed. So I feel for the sum of money I ended up spending, and after much procrastination on my part to spend it, that I got a pretty nice camera. Another thing I like about it: rechargeable lithium ion battery. I HATED buying double A's all the time for the other cameras we have had. This battery is SO COOL---just plug it in for a bit and your on your way to picture taking again. Now I just need to purchase a memory stick for it so I can take more pictures at the 7.2 mgpixels range. I of course don't have to procrastinate over which one of those to buy---the memory stick will be the easy part.


Robbyn said...

Congrats! those are great pictures! I'm noting what cameras different folks are loving so that when we get one someday I'll know the good ones. We took 3 rolls of film to get developed the other day and only came out with a handful that are recognizable, ha!

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Not being able to "test drive" is why I procrastinated so long over this. Most people we know don't really use their cameras very much and never to take shots like we need to--- so we were not sure which one to buy. So of course I put it off (and off and off) until I got lucky and borrowed my husband's friends.
Glad I did---and thanks to him for lending it. Robbyn--the day you buy a good digital camera is the day you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner. I will never get rid of my 35m with action photo ability(and a telephoto lens!)---but I now only use it for very limited reasons.