Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A little bit about me

I notice I have a new scar---unfortunately on my face. It's nice and long and goes almost from my ear horizontally to almost my mouth.
One thing we have learned in the raising of sheep: If it tries to get away don't let go 'cause' you will never catch it again---they know when you aren't done with them.
So I think I took that a bit too far while hanging on to a sheep that got itself in a position to flee during shearing. Strong they are and knocked over I became---first whacked in the ear then stepped on. By the way: when those horns connect, even on accident, with your ear cartilage---It hurts. Pretty badly actually. Also by the way---I didn't feel the stepping on part. Though the cheek bruise did kind of hurt later. Anyways---since today I went to get my "new" old haircut back---I realized just how visible the scar is without my hair to distract from it. Oh well---I am better off without all the hair anyways---it really wasn't very flattering and as I am only an average looking person I look much better with short hair even if the cheek scar is now more visible. If nothing else when people ask "how did you get the scar on your face" I can tell my story of being stepped on by an almost sheared sheep. High drama did occur and the story is an interesting one especially when you can tell it in person with all the theatrics that it deserves.
Hope your weather is beautiful and exactly what you want. Good day :-D


El said...

Hi Monica

Our weather is awful and SO not what I want, thanks!

However, you have brought up something people don't often think about when they consider the life you now live. One of the middle school teachers at my kid's school is a kind of Renaissance guy who, for a long stint, lived on a farm with his wife and kids and he plowed with draft horses. He also moonlighted as an EMT. The area he lived in, just south of where I live now, has a lot of Amish. His clients were mainly Amish.

He and his wife decided that they did not want to raise their kids around those horses. He saw way too many horrible and sad accidents in those electricity-free homes, those horse-powered farms.

Granted, we all know that sedentary life in the suburbs will kill you faster than the hard work of farmlife will, but...just consider your scar a badge of honor! (And be careful!!)

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Thanks for reminding me it's a badge of honor! I'll try and remember that the next time I am looking in the mirror thinking "wow--I look old today AND just look at that scar" :-D Really though---it doesn't bother me that much I am just being silly.

By the way---other than rain, my weather is not what I would like either. Cold,cold and cold with wind. Yik. I would rather have the rain with warm and no wind.


Robbyn said...

Ouch! I'm glad the horn didn't do more damage...

Hope your weather warms a bit's been cooler than normal here, but no freezing. I'll try to shoot some of that FL heat your, too, El!

(No complaints about our weather here from me now, but I'll do my whining during the droughty heckfire temps this summer)

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

I too try and keep in my what the summer holds when I complain too much about cold!!! :-D My come back and bite my in the seat of the pants!
But you have to admit---it can wear you down just like the heat sometimes.