Friday, April 27, 2007

The newest arrivals

So here they are---my newest arrivals. Finally! I think I had ants in my pants I was getting so impatient!

Greta---my only sheep that is from a "leadersheep" line had twin ewe lambs this morning. (I will explain Leadersheep another time) One is I believe---a black spotted. That would be the one mostly white. She might carry grey and she might carry mouflon but she is so spotted it is an unknown. The other ewe lamb---the mostly black lamb---I am almost positive she is a black spotted mouflon---maybe carrying grey. The classic sign for grey is "sugar lips". As if you caught them just having pulled their head out of the sugar bin and they still have it around their lips like a milk moustache. The only problem here is that both these girls are spotted on their face---so it is an unknown at least for a while.

Greta is a very very bossy mother. Last year she literally told her lamb what and when and that lamb did it every time. If she wanted Bit to lay----she pawed the very spot and down Bit went and stayed. If she wanted to move to a different spot to graze---she pawed Bit and up she jumped and then her mother told her where to lay again. When they ran---Bit stuck to her like velcro (we almost named her that but it was a dumb name)
Well, now we have a different situation. This year lambs are already hopping and jumping and on the move. The white one is the worst. Greta keeps pawing a spot for it to lay in---which it does---but as soon as she turns to check the other---POP up comes the lamb to move around again. So---I think I have at least one more trouble maker on my hands if not two.

6 more ewes to go. Two more due within the next 5ish days. The others....????? big fat question marks.


Cheryl said...

They are so cute - I love the shock of blonde hair on the black one!

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

How can you not love a lamb aye? :-D (well--maybe I don't so much when they are escaping out of the fence!)

Robbyn said...

You're getting such neat colors in the lambs!

Maybe the little urchins will get all their naughtiness out as youths and end up being placid and friendly adults?? (I kept that thought during my daughter's two year old