Friday, April 20, 2007

Little Lost Lamb

Lost a lamb today---hypothermia. Yeah, yeah I know your thinking "hypothermia when it's been warm the last few days??" Yes, it does occur. No matter how you look at it---even 72 degrees can be cold when your wet and little and in the shade with the wind. Mom, being young, didn't lick dry well enough so she got too cold. I tried---but couldn't save her---poor little lamb. Though she made attempts to try and get going when I found her and picked her up (thank you Mikey) her mouth was like an ice cube---and even a hot bath in a plastic bag to stay dry, warm air from the hair dryer and warm milk couldn't help. Glucose was what we needed, in a shot, into the intestinal cavity---but it was too late. Next time--I won't forget that little trick like I did this time. Good looking ewe lamb too---black spotted, big and chunky with a fleece that was already long and thick thick. Bummer.
Mom's been out there looking and calling for her---by tomorrow she won't remember any more.
Well---let's hope for better luck next time. Think positively! And though I was sure you didn't really think you wanted to see a picture of this little gal even as cute as she was--hopefully my next entry of lambs will come with pictures of bouncing "babies". Or at least nursing ones. Standing still will even work for me currently :-)

Have good day.


Robbyn said...

So sorry for your loss...


Can't wait to see the other baby pics

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Double Drat!!

Cheryl said...

It must be hard when things like that happen. The thought of mama out there looking for her is so sad!

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

It is Cheryl. Made me want to cry listening to her---she was even responding to the other lambs calling their mothers.
Very sad. She has already mostly forgotten and quit calling though. She will be a fine mother---next year :-)