Sunday, April 8, 2007

And the mystery hen is.....

Here is the mystery hen that we received back in February from Murray McMurray hatchery. We thought she was an Old English Game Hen but I think we where wrong since she doesn't really look like one anymore. Anyone have a guess as to what she might be?
You can't really tell from the picture but she has white legs---very white legs---if that helps anyone figue out what she is. She's turned out to be a pretty hen though and we like her personality. We will see how she is as an egg layer.
The chickens can still make it through the field fencing that makes up one side of their pen. They have readily taken to going into the pasture to forage for bugs and things since they figured it out. Recently we put the pregnant ewes into that pasture and Mikey---our pyrenees---is in there too. Periodically he will decide to give one of the chickens a "close up" inspection---much to their dismay. Hopefully he won't accidentally squoosh one of them in his zeal to sniff them all. It wouldn't be on purpose if he did---and so far no casualties have occurred. I am optimistic they will all make it through what Mikey considers to be a very serious job that he MUST do.


Jamie said...

She looks like a Speckled Sussex. If that's what she is, she will be a very nice layer indeed...and possibly kind of a character. :-)

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Jamie she does kind of look like a speckled sussex---we checked on feather site and some did resemble her. Hmmm...Interesting breed I never thought about trying. She is pretty though and she is even getting the "cheek pads" like those had. I would never have guessed that breed since I have never seen it before.
Thanks for the comment

Robbyn said...

Speckled Sussex or maybe Red Cap? The only other white legged breed that showed up on this chart ( was the Maran. The first two are my guess, but I haven't ever raised chickens...yet!

Here's a pic of a mature Red Cap hen (

and McMurray's pic of them (

How fun, they both seem like great types!

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

I am not sure about the redcap Robbyn but thanks for the site link. I forgot about the Hendersons chicken chart. I never realized that they listed the color of the leg there. There are a number of white leg birds. I think currently she is closest to the sussex as Jamie suggested---but I saw a couple others that she might be. Also, after seeing some new pics of Old english game hens---I still have to wonder if she is that. I may never know---but she is pretty! I suppose that's all that counts except for good egg laying :-)

Katie said...

I can't help in identifying her breed, but wanted to say that she is beautiful! Hope she is a great layer.