Sunday, April 8, 2007

Mrs Bluebird in my nest box

Well today I finally purchased a new camera and we have been out taking pictures with it. It's a sony cybershot and I love it so far. A friend let us borrow his to take some pictures of one of our rams with and we liked it so much---we bought one.Not only did we take some "before" pictures of parts of our house we will soon be working on but also some of our pregnant sheep (no, no more lambs yet!! They are crossing their legs I guess..) and also some of our lambs. While out walking in the pasture taking pictures we came upon Mrs Bluebird sitting on her nest. There were two eggs the other day and I was going to check and see if she laid three yet----to my surprise she was sitting. To her surprise---I took a picture :-)

Here are our lambs that are almost two weeks old. They will be almost grown by the time the rest of the lambs hit the ground at the rate the other sheep are going. The two ewes from the set of triplets, then the ram from the set of triplets, then Maple's twin black mouflon ewes. The triplets are bad---we have "named" them the three T's: trouble & times & three---because that is what they are. They are EVERY where in the pasture and the minute they get really far away---the ram lamb will cry loudly for his mother. When they re spot her---off they race to get to her only to start the whole episode over again.
The twins on the other hand stay closer to their mother but they jump and bounce all over the place. One of them (they look so alike we can't tell them apart yet) has decided that her goal is the eventual scaling of her mother's back. She has been unsuccessful so far---but I imagine one of these days she will fly over the top of her mother.


Robbyn said...

Oh, they're all adorable! You know I'm partial to the white spotted one...gosh, so pretty!

You must be having so much fun watching them :)

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

They are cute aren't they :-D
Since they are the only lambs so far---they hang out as a group. Sometimes one mother has all of them with her and other times it's the reverse. Their like a "pack" of lambs out there!

dragonfly183 said...

oooh what pretty babies!!!!

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Thank you dragonfly---hopefully I will soon have even more cuties running around :-)

Cheryl said...

They are just too cute!!
Congratulations on the new camera.

Willa said...

Your pictures make me wish I didn't have a garage full of fleeces/processed wool, and no time to spin- What beautiful babies, and gorgeous fleece.


farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Thanks Willa: They are pretty cute aren't they :-)