Tuesday, May 1, 2007

quick pictures

here's my two from the other day. The lighter color one is a badgerface ram---badgerface lambs look well...kind of like a badger is colored. It isn't quite so splotchy as they get older. Anyways---see that "bump" by his ear? That is his horn getting ready to burst through. This little guy is going to have some good size horns. His are pretty big horn buds---but every so often you see some with even bigger horn buds. Sometimes---they can cause the lambs to get stuck while trying to be birthed. Usually not a problem with older ewes---but is sometimes with first time moms.
The darker one is the girl. We haven't decided what to name her yet. We will have to see what fits her. We have a couple of names in the lineup so far---but somewhere along the way sometimes one just POPS out as the right one. That's the name we are waiting for. If I were keeping the ram I might name him "groucho" for those huge eyebrow patterns above his eyes. Seems like a groucho to me hehehe. Cute aren't they though?

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Caroline said...

The last picture (light brown with brown eyebrows) looks like Yoda! So cute!