Friday, April 20, 2007

Real ID

For our children and grandchildren we need to keep fighting things like this or they will not have the opportunity to grow up in a democratic society. It only takes a few bad apples in the bunch to corrupt our government---especially if we allow laws like this to be passed to help them get started.
Remember what Ben Franklin said:

"Those that would give up a necessary freedom for temporary safety deserve neither freedom nor safety."

Isn't that exactly what we have been doing the last few years??

So here's something for you to mull over and hopefully make a public comment on. Even better---contact a friend and tell them about it. Read more here.

The REAL ID Act requires every American to have a standardized driver’s license -- a de facto national ID -- to fly on commercial airlines or enter government buildings. It also requires driver’s licenses to have a “machine readable component,” that will be read everywhere, from retailers to airports.

This component -- combined with state databases of drivers’ information -- will create one-stop shopping for identity thieves. More importantly, it will invade people’s privacy by allowing easy tracking and monitoring of ordinary, law-abiding Americans.

Last month, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) proposed regulations to implement REAL ID. As required by law, the department is now accepting public comments on these proposed regulations.

Anyone in America has the right to submit comments to the government on this proposal. The government hasn’t made submitting comments easy, but that just makes your comments more valuable. And we’ve made it much easier to submit comments than it normally is, with a step-by-step guide and talking points.

The number of comments will be watched by many influential Members of Congress, not just your own. So today you really have a chance to make a difference on the national stage. The extra impact is definitely worth the extra effort!

If you would like to submit comments see this page for information on how to do it.


Robbyn said...

It's been quite a downhill slide since the social security registration issue. I'm not sure the general public even understands what freedoms have been signed away. Even in our paper currency, unless I'm way off, there are strips that can identify through monitoring devices exactly how much money a person has on their person (maybe I'm wrong and one of my conspiracy theory friends told me that? I think not, though, I think it was a bank employee)
I'll be checking out the page...thanks for the info. The part I mind is not so much the option of having these IDs, but the enforcement of HAVING to have them. Very very Big Brother.

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Hope you leave a comment Robbyn. I did. Hopefully it will have some impact. I am very nervous for my kids and especially my grandchildren. Like me not knowing about social security (it seems it has always been around) they might not know a time when the government couldn't just turn on a computer and find you at a moments notice--then possibly check to see your doing what they find acceptable.

Stop Real ID Now! said...

Glad you left a comment! We're working on an online, grassroots campaign to spread the word on the very under-the-radar Real ID Act and create momentum that turnsinto lots and lots and lots of comments (before the May 8th deadline). It is a bit of a process, though the ACLU site (and links from our blog make it a bit easier. Folks should also think of writing/emailing on a state level as well, as if enough states opt out, the program won't take hold. And it shouldn't take hold, as it is so flawed and intrusive... not to mention wicked expensive.

Katie said...

I live in Montana and our Governor said this week, that he wouldn't allow it here. I'm so glad, it seems one of the first Governor's to do so. Its one of the first times I've been truly happy that I voted for him...

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Lucky you Katie
I live in the Georgia (as you may have known) and about all my representatives have been good for is to vote away more and more of our freedoms and vote for everything stupid thing this government has come up with. Annoying to say the least----wimps.