Thursday, May 24, 2007

Two more down

Well, we lost two chickens last night. My fault---I forgot to close the door to the roost. Two roosters though---yeah! Not another hen this time.
It was odd though---one was dead in the chicken yard and another out in the pasture with the sheep. (Maybe Aleda is still trying out those chickens and couldn't get a good bite since sheep only have bottom teeth and no top ones).
However it is: it's odd. The chickens were just "dead" not ripped to pieces or half eaten as you usually find them. Stiff already so hard to tell much. Really not much to see overall.

Opinions on that anyone? Raccoons will definitely rip them apart and I though possums did too. Maybe I am incorrect on possums or maybe it was startled by the sheep coming to see what was going on. The sheep are not scared of the chickens and let them eat with them and roost around them so they would not be nervous of "chicken sounds" and therefor might come to see what was going on. That alone might send a predator away without having done much damage. I guess Mikey needs to come and walk that area for a few nights. We have had him in another pasture recently and he can't see into this one. If he can see the pasture he will usually bark so much, even if he can't get close, that we won't even have wild animals get in the trash or cause any other problems. So obviously he needs to come back and "patrol" to remind all the bad guys that "hey this is our property---stay away and leave our chickens alone!"

They might get a Pyrenees butt kickin' if they don't!

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Phelan said...

If they get cold, or are just plan needy, they tend to curl up with animals larger than themselves. Said larger animals then roll over or lay on top of them, killing the bird.