Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pretty cool

So I stumbled on this fiber site called Pluckyfluff and it has the neatest yarns. Really gets the creative juices flowing for sure.
Take a look at their site --- they have some interesting idea, classes, already knitted products and some odd fiber to add as additions to your knitting or spinning projects.

She also has a blog about spinning and knitting so if you are into that---check it out. She also link into some others

knitting and spinning blogs.

Another site to check out is the yarn museum. It has some interesting things to look at. Some not quite as "far out" as the pluckyfluff yarns.

Oh yes let me add this link too: taos sunflower

Running late today---need to water, plant and care for everything. Have a great day!


Val Grainger said...

Stuart and Gabrielle said I'd like your blog..............and I do! What lovely wool!

maggie said...

How yummy is that yarn?!?!!!

Sorry about the chickens. It sounds like it could be a dog. I can't imagine anything wild just leaving a chicken once it caught it.