Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Taking care of the rich

Have you heard the news out of Wisconsin?

Consumer fraud investigators in the state of Wisconsin released their findings this week after a three-month long investigation into allegations that Wal-Mart stores throughout the state of Wisconsin had misled consumers by misidentifying conventional food items as organic.

Here is the whole story: Cornucopia Institute

This whole thing makes me wonder about my government and those who run it YET AGAIN:

While Wisconsin regulators have completed their investigation, the USDA has yet to formally weigh in on the matter, despite being notified of the food fraud problem last November, two months before Wisconsin officials were contacted about the same situation.

So what IS the government doing for us other than trying to shove NAIS down our throat? Well----they obviously aren't going out of their way for us. Though it looks like the red carpet for some of the bigger businesses and manufacturers.
First this food problem then this other one. The only true way for food security is eat local, eat American grown AND expect greater things from our government.

Do you want to know what I really think the problem is??
It's US. Yes that's right.

Let me draw and analogy. Two months ago I posted about how a number of people (including us) are trying to get their property into the city. The Manager of the city has been aggressive and obnoxious in his refusal to even LISTEN (remind you of someone in the government??). So.....most of the original people have dropped out. The other day I asked one why and she said this to me: "They have made up their minds and once they do that there is no changing them so it's not worth it".

Is that how it is when "fighting" stupid government programs?? Just give up after the first NO. Last time I looked supposedly I lived in a democracy---both a government one and a city democracy---and more than one person had to say no. Isn't that supposedly the reason all these people are dying in Iraq---for democracy? HOWEVER if you say "it's not worth fighting for" THEN it never does change----and you better be prepared to live with what you are sowing. Because weeds may come up eventually and it will be your fault. I will never be a quitter just because it's difficult. Washington didn't quit because they said no. Jefferson didn't quite because they said no. What is no? A word and a not very powerful one at that. It has no effect on my life: actions do though. So stand up and speak---what can they say to you?? No? Big deal. It would be a shame if they didn't like you anymore because they said no and you didn't accept it. Boo hoo---we don't need democracy---we need people to like us better.