Monday, May 21, 2007

Have you met Ron Paul yet?

I have always always considered myself a Democrat. Why? Because of course I am and have been for most of my life, an environmentalist. So based mostly on that, plus a few other small things, I always thought of my self as a "demi".
However as I became older and began to study and understand history because I wanted to not because I had to: I realized maybe I was not what I thought. Actually all my life I have found history interesting and informative when I didn't have to write some stupid report on what major economic products came from Georgia (or pick any state) in the 1800's. However it took becoming an "adult" to realize how really important history is to understanding so many issues that effect us in on this very day.
Now, having studied and understood what and why things are the way they are I realize, oddly enough, that I actually am a Republican. Oh not some stupid radio show host or leader of the country kind of "republican"----but a real follow the constitution, everyone and all states have individual rights kind of republican. With just a small dash of "demi" thrown in for good luck :-D
Anyways--to wind this down---I have found, though not the perfect candidate, the candidate that so far I like the best for President. How could you not like a guy that says it like it is. Not some jerk(s) who wants to play "pretend we don't see" and go on with things like they are as soon as they get elected.

So have you met Ron Paul yet?

I like this story BEST

and also this ONE where he really speaks his mind

I want a change! Not some old man that's kissing the big guy's rear every time something happens (McCain who I actually used to kind of like but not any more). Not some person that, though I somewhat like the voting record of, smacks of an aristocratic family running the country. To bad one didn't have a son---they could have married the two families together and kept on running the U.S for many more years to come. Or even some of the others that don't really seem to know what they are doing and are without any fresh ideas. Give me another Perot. I like it. Nay! I want it. Not some glad handing , I'll kiss yours if you kiss mine kind of President.

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