Friday, May 18, 2007

FIBER FESTIVAL--near Nashville

Well! How about that! Someone is trying to start a fiber festival for my "area". Well, it's not actually IN my area, I will have to drive about 3 hours north to get to it, but that will be the closest festival we will probably EVER go to.

It is going to be very very close to Nashville Tn and is going to be titled from this year on the "Middle Tennessee Fiber Festival". It is hosted by a farm named Three Creeks Farm (who raises Icelandics too, but also has some other breeds of sheep.) It is going to be held in Dickson Tennessee on May 26th 2007 from 9-5. How about those apples? Maybe I will see some of you there!

Since we are going we will take our felting batts and some roving that we still have left of course---I mean that is what a fiber festival is about after all. However we will also take some of our sheep so we can show them off. Maybe a ram or two and I do have one ewe without a lamb that currently can go with us. Secret is still not quite up to it---we would be worried about stressing her so soon after her ordeal. Maybe one of the ewes with older lambs.....maybe.

The Festival is also going to offer a few classes and lots of demo's. Over time it should build into something greater with spinning classes and dying classes and weaving classes and.......maybe just like Michigan or Maryland or some of the others! Yippee!

Anyways---hope some of you can come out to join us!

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