Friday, May 25, 2007

You better get ready

Remember those tests in school you had to take? You know the ones about how our government works and the three divisions, checks and balances and all that. Well, guess what---they wasted your time.
I am here today to harass whomever might read this. We need to do something. It is becoming imperative.

When Monica Goodling testified before the house committee recently she asked for immunity: not for helping to fire Democratic attorney generals and replace them with Republicans----but for her role in "caging" which is a felony. Caging is where some people are mislabeled purposefully to keep them from voting:

In 2000, I cracked the computer disks (CD-ROMs then) from Katherine Harris’ office showing 56,000 names of voters “purged” from voter rolls as felons who aren’t allowed to vote. In fact, every one — every one — was an innocent voter, though most were guilty of VWB — Voting While Black. That was the 2000 “purge.”

In 2004, it was nearly identical. Except, instead of calling voters “felons,” they called them “suspect” voters, fraudulently using a false voting address. The effect was the same: the voter would lose their registration; or their vote on election day when they showed to vote; or, in the case of soldiers, their absentee ballot would be challenged and tossed.

the above is taken from

ALL of the above "caged" voters were Democrats. Just a bit strange don't you think?
This is not the first or last article that will mention voter fraud and the current president. However---why doesn't someone research it? Why did the committee that Monica Goodling spoke in front of ask not ONE question of her about what she knew about the caging incidents?? They are the two monkeys: see no evil, hear no evil. Lalalalalalala I am closing my eyes. WHERE is the media coverage on this?

Next topic: how about that all polls show that 70% of Americans want out of the war in Iraq? WHY are we compromising then and giving the supposed leader of the country a blank check----because everyone knows that all the "binding" parts of the compromise are not at all binding. He can do whatever he wants. What the hell are these idiotic representatives doing for us!?

Now this: Supposedly the VP has been, and is, working on the bombing of Iran. This is nothing new---they were moving war ships to the coast of Iran months and months ago. I personally do not want to be in another war. I do not think that it is feasible to get involved in another conflict. Personally---I can understand why the Iranians would want to protect their selves from us and be scared of the leaders of our country---we can't even control them and even though 70% of us supposedly disagree we all sit on our butt and do nothing. Our government has gone crazy. It doesn't listen to us, it is seemingly corrupt, changing laws to suit it's own agenda and yet we DO NOTHING. What the hell is wrong here? This is not the country I thought I lived in. The one that taught me that the majority makes the rules not the theocratic few. See an article here

If we end up at war, even after I write every single representative including the speaker of the house, my husband and I will be marching in Washington. I have NEVER before felt the need to go that far.

Please write your reps, or call them, or email them----just do something please. It has never ever been more important than now.


Stuart and Gabrielle said...

We live in scary timesand I also question how democratic some western democracies actually are. I have lots of respect for you that you find the time to notice what's going on in the rest of the world and be politically aware, despite having so much to do on your farm. Keep hollering, gal!

Best wishes from France

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Yes, it is scary sometimes. I can't imagine who would watch our farm----but we MUST go if it comes to that.
Keep on your toes over there--I am afraid we will all go down the drain together eventually if we don't watch what these "people" are doing in our governments. At least from my perspective it looks like yours is being a bit more responsible---but then I don't live there.