Monday, May 21, 2007

Garbonzo Beans

I have grown beans most all my life.
Just about every were that I have lived I have grown beans and then canned or frozen them. Homegrown are of course much better tasting than canned/store bought, though I think that's a given with most produce.
Years ago I stumbled on what I consider the perfect green bean called "emerite filet" (which has become my favorite canning "green bean") but have never found another variety of bush or any other type that I have felt inclined to stick with over and over.
This year since I had so much room----I expanded to grow a number of different types of beans I had never tried before in my search to settle on the "perfect" beans for me. We have both bush and some other pole varieties that we will try. Now don't get me wrong---I will always try different varieties, however I like to have some that I know for sure I will like. I mean if you only grew unknowns you might end up at the end of the year with nothing to can. Or eating things that maybe were only o.k-- instead of perfect.
So this year one of the types of beans I also decided to try growing was garbanzo beans. I really like a fresh humus. You know--homemade with maybe a hint of garlic or other seasonings. Fresh is the operative word here though. None of that store bought imitation humus thank you very much. Whether on pita, on chips,on good bread---no matter the base--- as long as it's fresh. What better way than to have fresh humus I thought than to grow my own "chick peas" as my mother calls them.
My mom has always eaten them in her salad so I have had many years of exposure to these guys.
However-- I have never grown garbanzo beans before so-- was I surprised to see the plant (shown in the above picture) sprouting in my bean bed. I did not know they had those "ferny" style leaves. Their difference really makes them stand out in the bed of bush beans that they are in with.
Since, as I said, I had not grown them before I really didn't know which variety to choose. Not that there are thousands of garbanzo bean varieties to pick from or anything but... ..well anyways, I settled on the heirloom variety named "Kabouli Black Garbanzo" from Kabul, Afghanistan from Baker Creek heirlooms. Interesting I thought in light of what is going on. Supposedly places that are in the midst of turmoil and/or war have trouble keeping hold of their traditional seeds because of the upheaval. A good reason in itself to grow this bean. I hope however, that I like it, and then I can settle on it as a "for sure" pick each year.
So in a few months---humus along with some homemade pitas and a garden fresh salad will be on my table for dinner. What's for dinner at your place? :-D

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Cheryl said...

There's not too much exciting for dinner at our place these days, a lot of sandwiches and things that don't require much cooking as most of our kitchen stuff is packed.
I can't wait to hear how you like the garbanzo beans. I was hoping to grow them this year, but have had to scale back my plans because of the move. Keep us posted on this particular variety!