Monday, September 10, 2007

(NAIS) Causes Cancer?

As I am sure some of you know I have been against NAIS (national animal identification system) since I first heard of it. There are a number of reasons that I have never been for it---personal privacy topping the list. Now, to make me even more convinced that it is a bad idea, here is a new piece of evidence against using micro-chipping in animals or humans. (By the way---if I was forced to chip a breeding ewe she would wear that for about an average of 13 years---how long did the study animals wear their chips?)
Now I have heard of this story in passing previously, but since the "mainstream" media has now picked it up---maybe it will go a bit farther than stories like this normally do.
Also---notice the reference to former head of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson who, in the article is quoted as saying: "I didn't even know VeriChip before I stepped down from the Department of Health and Human Services," he said in a telephone interview." Read the rest and see if you believe that one.
With all the under the table deals (that are pro big business and not really good for the average person) that have occurred during these past two Presidential terms----I am not surprised that Mr Thompson works where he does now nor that he denies ever having met them before. Yeah right.
Good day all---and still hoping for some sort of water from the sky here :-)

Here's the article in the Washington Post titled : Chip Implants Linked to Animal Tumors.
dated September 8th, 2007
Thanks to Todd Lewan for writing the piece.

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