Thursday, September 27, 2007

War AGAIN?!!

BREAKING: Lieberman-Kyl’s Iran amendment passes.

By a vote of 76-22, the Senate passed the Lieberman-Kyl amendment, which threatens to “combat, contain and [stop]” Iran via “military instruments.” Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) called the amendment “Cheney’s fondest pipe dream” and said it could “read as a backdoor method of gaining Congressional validation for military action.”

Want to know more?

Read who voted for and against with links to the various phrases taken out Here

and basically the same thing but a bit different Here

Contact your Senators and definitely your Congressperson.
Congress hasn't voted yet----we still have a chance to stop this madness!!
Don't forget to post it to your blogs or pass it on to your friends----this was NOT on CNN today. WHY??
Don't let them slip this through on the sly like they have done other things.

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