Friday, September 21, 2007

something a bit off the wall

I know---you are wondering why I am posting about a cup and saucer on a farming blog. Well...I am an avid fan of the 50's. Almost everything: toasters, dishes, furniture, colors etc. I have many fond memories of my grandparents and of their homes. Since they were not very wealthy and very practical their homes were decorated in the 50's early 60's style until they died. So for many years I have tried to acquire things that remind me of them --such as an old working phone that is exactly as the one my grandmother and I used to pretend calling each other on when I would visit. It even has the same ring and since it is corded, my kids can't take off with it :-D

Sometimes this "freakish" desire to collect gets a bit whack though---and I end up with too many of some items, so that I am unable to use or find adequate storage for them. Today---as I looked at my room and decided that some of the "over flow" needed to go out of it---I found 8 of these little jewels in a box. Unfortunately though, I forgot I had these little guys and though I would like to keep them, I am of at least a certain amount of "sound mind" to realize that I am not using or displaying them so maybe they can go and GASP---I will live :-D

So onto ebay they went here. Hopefully they will sell since if they don't I will have to find some spot in the very very limited closet space I have. See...we don't have an attic, or a basement. So we are functionally out of sorts when it come to storing xmas items, collectibles not currently on display or out of season clothing. Our garage doth floweth over in our demand that it help us out.

However---as I look at them again on my table and in the picture I do realize just how retro and cute they are with their very unusual feet. Maybe it wouldn't be that bad if they didn't sell........

By the way if you want to see some neat retro "stuff" check out the man that designed my cute little cups (made by Salem China in the pattern "daybreak"). The man is Victor Schreckengost and he designed not only very unique for the times dinner ware for Salem but also: bikes for sears, the ubiquitous lawn chair we are all so familiar with , and those very very stylin' and cute pedal cars and planes for murray.
Didn't know you knew the man's work so well did you?


Cheryl said...

What cute cups, Monica, you should not be tempting me like this!
Okay, I'm leaving now before I talk myself into anything rash...

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Thanks Cheryl---they are cute aren't they:-) I hate to get rid of them but....sometimes you just have to do it :-(