Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pessimism, Optimism and Fate

During my time of blogging I have found it to be a fine line between not seeming as if I am "crowing" about something good OR not always pointing out bad things as if I am some hugely pessimistic person.

Pessimistic I am not-- if you knew me "in person". Though I have my fair share of bad days, and sometimes weeks and occasionally maybe a year just isn't my favorite, overall, I know that GOD has something planned for me and so there is relevancy for why things are the way they are. Whether it is for me to learn something (and I am too dumb to have seen it yet) or just gain greater skill or to teach others---there is always a "higher reason" for it all so to speak.

However as I mulled this over lately I have found that there are a few things in life that just don't fit the "GOD needed/wanted it to come out that way". This one little crux of life I would call Fate.
Now can we believe in Fate if we believe in GOD? Well, I think so. Just as I have always felt that astronomy does to a certain extent effect all of us. (I do not believe we can tell day to day happenings with it though).
Fate to me is the "thing" that occurs regularly to some of us and to give you an example I will tell you my annoying thing I am fated to have happen again and again.

My lawnmower will break.

Yes, such a dumb thing I know. One most people would not find to be an issue---and I wouldn't if I had a small lawn. But I don't--I have a large area of pasture to care for and a garden and a front and back yard, so it's very very annoying to have the mower break (over and over and over again).
Now---you are probably thinking that I am silly to bring this up but if you were to ask my poor husband---it is true. This is not my husband's fate crossing onto me either because the lawnmowers are really mine not his. Oh yes, he does repair them for me---poor man. But technically I direct and maintain all lawn care (except for weed eating because I have a bad shoulder).
No matter how often he repairs it---it will break again within the span of the next two lawn-mowings. Why I always frustratingly ask myself?? ---With more aggressive words to go along with it when it flows into times of needing (really needing) to get the mowing done.
Sometimes it's a starter, or a wire, a spring for the gas pedal (twice) or a blade or a belt (or two) or a wheel that will not come off and we have to buy a special tool to wrench the thing off to repair it. Flat after flat will still occur. Tubes will leak fluid, spark plugs will die early deaths, batteries quit (over and over) for no reason. You name it---it occurs to me. Push mowers, riding mowers, self propelled mowers---I have had and tried them all. Brand new, rebuilt and used---all of them do it to me.
During droughts it doesn't seem so problematic since nothing really grows. During rainy times---very annoying it is.
The neighbors even now realize the "deal" so to speak, and offer their mowers if my lawn gets to high. They know it's because something is wrong (again) with my mower and laugh so jokingly with me over it. I laugh with them---but inside I would like to shove my mower over a cliff---if only to get the last laugh.
This week---it's a belt. Only one day did I get to drive it after the last repair which was a bent blade---one of the few times I can say the fault was somewhat mine and not just a random happening.
Oh well.....someday maybe my fate (or luck) will change. If nothing else---I have a great excuse for being lazy and not mowing my lawn :-D


Phelan said...

It is the curse of the homesteader.

Maybe we just run them harder then people with smaller lawns. Ours is always breaking down.

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Maybe Phelan it's one of those "they just don't make them like they used to" kind of things----don't you think? Which makes it even more annoying knowing we can't buy something --that you won't have to re build to start with-- that can handle what we can dish out :-)

Dawn said...

You are not alone. I can say with all honesty, my mom's lawn mowers are the same, and our lawn mowers are also the same. I thought it was hereditary, but now I find out it is fate ;-) and I am not alone. We got donkeys to graze the hill, because we knew that even if we got it to mowing condition, it wouldn't get mowed with the lawn mower problems. Hubby seems to always be fixing the things around here, and thinks it is because we have old stuff, but even the new ones have problems as we know from 3 or so new ones my mom has had in the last 15 years. Anyway, enjoyed your post. You are not alone.

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Ahhh...a kindred spirit in Dawn. Sorry--that your fated with the same annoying Karma. Though I guess if I had my "ruthers" I'd rather have this than some other karma that is out there :-)