Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Crowd control or efficient means of torture?

Here's a really interesting article you HAVE to read. Don't skip it----even if your in a hurry.
This is very interesting and a bit scary. Considering the government as it has conducted business since 9-11 , you have to wonder about this new latest and greatest "thing".

Also notice the comment in the article by the US---"only for use by the US and it's allies---we're not selling it to countries with human rights abuses."
O.k---what if our ally is no longer our ally 20 years from now?? Then they have this "thing" too.

Do we never ever learn from history???


SimplyTim said...


I suppose we could also add the word "stunning" to your posting.

Re: "Do we ever learn from history?" I would add what do we learn from history and how long do the lessons last.

Here are a few thoughts. For those who have been in a world war it appears that they will do everything in their power to avoid being in another while they are alive and in a position of power. (An exception to this may have been the Germans going from WWI to WWII in a span of little more than a generation.)

But I fear those lessons are lost over time. Except, and this is nasty, for those who are willing to use unbridled power and manipulation to further their brutal aims. They will study all sorts of nastiness and "improve" on it and adapt it to their situations.

Your comments are important. The pain gun, depending on who uses it, and how it is usedused, can be a potentially useful device in certain situation but it's potential for abuse also remains high, perhaps higher.

As they say if you have a hammer, you will use the hammer.


farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Well said Tim, well said.