Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Finally some pictures--2nd post of the day

I have taken some picture of my new sheep finally---not many and most of these I used on my web site too but I did promise I would show them so here they are. By the way---I did finally come up with names for all of them. Not the most innovative names---but easy to say and remember names :-D

here we have "EL" which my husband said was not technically a name but I told him one of the blogs I read: Fast grow the weeds----SHE calls herself EL so what the heck. This ewe is very pretty and unique---so EL is the perfect name for a "pretty and ewenique ewe" hehehe

Here we have "TOO". Yes, I know it's silly but it's a play on words. First she is the half sister to one of our ewe (as in two) and we just HAD to have her also (as in too!) She's a friendly little thing---just like her half sister. She's watching me in this picture but wouldn't look up.

This is "TEX" my new ram for this year.
Not only are we originally from Texas but I would have to say that Tex is wearing a "ten gallon hat's worth" of horns on his head. Also.....this is the "T" year for tattoos---so for once I matched the name AND the year code!

Then we have "Paris"---we had trouble with her name so...We'll stick with this though I am not sure it fits her as well as another would have, but there you have it. Sometimes you go with what you have.

Finally we have "Gray Lady" aka Lady, as in "you know the little gray lady we bought". She's very refined so it fits her well.

All these sheep are "technically" lambs---but they will go on to breed and have lambs for me this next spring. Watch for them----it will get here quicker than you think.

Soon I will mostly be blogging about the garden again (and then there is Christmas too). Woosh! I am ready for fall and winter when the sheep pretty much don't need me as much as they do after lambing and on it the early fall.
I have already started some perennials from seed and will have to find a spot to grow them through until this next spring planting. However---I need landscape plants. I will blog about them soon----less sheep more plants :-)

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Robbyn said...

They're lovely :) Congratulations!