Thursday, September 27, 2007


I have " re opened" anonymous comments for those of you who would like to comment but didn't want to join blogger.
Previously I had a problem with a person or two commenting and then filling it with advertising which is why I closed it down---nothing personal to most of you anonymous commentators.

So please---comment since I love to hear what you think ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Monica,

This is very interesting that your allowing anonymous comments. I have been wanting to comment on various posts, but I didn't have the time to 'join' blogger.

Your farm is very close to the same ideas I have in developing out my farm. Almost the same animals, and using organic methods, just in different part of the USA. ;o)

I have enjoyed your posts for a long while. Thanks for opening your comments again!

I love the pelts you show in the post for Thursday. They are beautiful!

I'll be back to comment...

Have a beautiful day!!

Kris in WA

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Thanks for the "yeah!" comment Kris.
I realized that I needed to re open the whole comment thing---and I am glad I did :-) You have a great day too!