Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Getting ready

We have been getting ready for our local festival that occurs each year at this time. It is a Civil War/reenactment/craft festival that is hosted by our town. Chickamauga is one of the small areas around Lookout Mountain that saw fighting during the civil war as the North pushed through to Atlanta. As an added history lesson (a little bonus if you will) for those of you who didn't know---this area held off the North for quite a while. If they had won---Atlanta would never have been burned. This was the last great battle and because they lost here, Atlanta fell to the Union forces.

Anyway, we (yes, my husband is helping) have been prepping fiber until I feel like I could scream. Though I don't have many pictures of it I thought that I would post a few just so you could see some of it and we will try and remember to take a picture of our booth this weekend.
We won't have a huge selection at our booth since quite a bit of our fiber is already sold but we have added a few things like dye to sell and a few other small things. Our area doesn't really seem to have a place to by fiber dye so we are going to offer it at our booth along with a few other non essentials. We will see how it sells here and at our next festival we go to to decide if we will keep offering it.
We were hoping to also have pelts for sale but unfortunately they will not be back in time to have on hand. We had six this year: two black, three black gray, and one moorit gray. Most are lamb fleeces---but two are adult ewes and all should be very nice except maybe one. The butcher was a bit "eager" to get it off and may have left it in less than perfect condition. We will see. The tanner takes 4 to 8 weeks to do them before sending them back. It has been 5 now and so they shouldn't be much longer but I don't think they will make this weekend.

No matter that we are low on supplies---the booth is only 25 dollars and we will mingle for the afternoon with people while they watch us spin and also with friends from in town.---generally a good afternoon for everyone.
Maybe we may see some of you there? We will be located near the Coke Ovens with the other crafters. Stop in and say hi if you come.


Stuart and Gabrielle said...

Hi Monica.
We'd love to come to your festival and chat about fleeces and spinning etc but I am afraid we are a bit far away here in Brittany France and also we're getting married next weekend!
We are hoping to do something with our wool and I am going to try felting at first. Out of interest how much are you paying for your tanning?

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

The dollar compared to your currency is very good right now though Gabrielle! Great time to visit :-)
I will post a picture of those pelts when they come and I will specifically give a price for each o.k? I had a number of differing sizes this time. One very very small 2 month old lamb up to a very very large ewe. I figure it will "average" about $50 a piece---but I am not sure.

Oh yes! Congrats on the wedding! Hopefully you and Stuart did not wait eleven years as my mother and stepfather did (now happily still married almost 10 years later) :-D Have a great honeymoon!

Robbyn said...

Just now catching up with what's going on with you, since I've caught a moment to get back on the computer...hope this festival was great...would love to have seen the beautiful fiber and fleeces :)