Friday, March 16, 2007

We're back (but not in the saddle yet)

Well, we are back from our vacation and I can say we had a great time. We went to the "National Irish Dexter Show" and had a very interesting time. While we were there we saw many many different body "types" of Irish Dexters. Young, old and new babies---very interesting to compare all of them. Of course, some we liked and some we didn't but it helped us to figure out where we would like to go with our own eventually.
We also met some Irish Dexters. That's a dun heifer checking me out in the pictures above. She also liked my new bright yellow boots that I purchased at the show. I never could get a picture with her mid lick and her tongue out---nor the funny look on her face after she quit licking. Maybe the turquoise boots I wanted, but were not in my size, would have been more to her taste.


I also took some interesting (to me) pictures. I like the colors and structure of them so I may frame them and hang them on my wall. I have a number of them that I like so I will whittle through and cut and paste and see what I come up with. When we were leaving and the light was bad not far from where I photographed the "oxen rd" pic----I saw one just the same but it said "giraffe rd". To bad I missed it---I could have had a matched pair :-)

The weather was of course beautiful, balmy mid 70's with mid 60's at night and even better----it was raining when we got home! We need it so badly we are practically doing rain dances so what better way to end a vacation than to come home to something you need so much!

Well, I have lots to comment on this week plus a slew of things to do since I was gone of course. First of which is shearing my sheep---though now I have to wait until they are dry to do it. Painting my chicken coop will be the other thing----we now have fully feathered "big" birds in our garage. Birds more than ready to see their new home as soon as it is in move in condition. (of course today was windy AGAIN! What's the deal here???)

Hope everyone had a great week.


Robbyn said...

Welcome back!! Gosh, a show for nothing but Dexters?? I hope you tell everything in your upcoming posts! I just love Dexters.

Have fun with your chickens...sounds like so much fun. Enjoy the rain :) We've been having a bit here, too

Love the signs and the new pics!


Chad said...

Wow, what interesting street names. I know of some people that live in an area that names all their streets after animals too. What are the odds?