Thursday, March 1, 2007

My Chicken Coop

Well here is our chicken coop so far. We actually have it a bit farther along than this picture but it is raining and I forgot to take a newer shot the last couple of days. It actually has the extra rafter tails added to it and is ready to roof---except my husband has been sick. (some yukky stomach bug going around--glad I didn't get it)
Notice the odd paint job. All the grayish color is what will be on the outside and the pinkish color (yes, pink---it was $5 dollar oops paint) is what will be seen on the inside. I wanted to paint the rafters before the metal roof went on so I could be messy without worrying about paint on the metal.
That funny vertical box in the front will be the egg nesting area. It will have it's own mini roof over it and get sided with the rest of the coop. We were trying to save room inside so we set it outside halfway it's depth.
Since I purchased pink paint for the inside I thought I might paint some daisies on the walls too (maybe) and add some lettering that said something like:

roost here -->


Eggs here (no roosters allowed) ---->

My husband says I must have to much time on my hands if I am considering doing that. I know he is incorrect in that aspect so maybe it won't get done---but I could have my daughter the "artist" do it!
I also ordered some vines from Digging Dog Nursery to grow on it:

Clematis Montana "Freda"
Fallopia Aubertii "Lemon Lace" which is a form of silver lace vine but supposedly slower growing. I will plant one on one side and the other on the other side and see if I get a good meeting of the two. Should look neat in a couple of years.
I have moved some of the irises over there and have a rose bush to plant next to it also. I had been waiting to get the fence in place before planting the irises but I ended up having to plant them. They could only wait so long in a bucket and since then they are already starting to send up leaves.
If the weather works with us we should have it finished this weekend. Maybe not all the way painted though. And maybe no door---I still have to come up with a door. I would like to buy a used salvage door with a window in it for light. I just have not been able to get down town yet to the salvage place. The day that I had time to go---President Bush visited and the highways were closed down that day all the way into downtown near where I needed to go. I finally had to frame for the door since it was holding up the proceedings and left the opening 36". We can always make it smaller but it's a lot more work to make it bigger! I am sure I will find a door just fine. I found one at an antique store I liked---but they want $100 dollars for it. My roofing material won't even cost that much for heavens sake. So I am looking for a cheaper one currently.

Have a great day all ---we are getting some rain Yeah!

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Emme said...

beautiful coop! Do you have plans?

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

No Emme I don't have plans but thanks for the compliment! I looked and looked (and looked) and just didn't find anything that fit what we were looking for. So we just started building. Fortunately we had practiced on our barn---so we knew what NOT to do this time :-D It is an 8 x 10 footprint and we are making choices as we go to a certain extent. Especially the roof---but my husband has done an excellent super duper job on it. We almost did a shed roof---but he told me don't worry he would make me a gable and he did and it looks great. (Thanks
"significant other" since I know you will read this!)
have a great day emme.

Anonymous said...

Not bad, but your husbands brother probably could have done a better job!!!!

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

I don't think my brother in law could have done as well. He's not that good :-)

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Oh ho! Was that a Chad comment and not a Byron comment?? Tricked me didn't you! :-D I suppose I will give my brother in law credit for being a fairly decent wood worker--but of course I still have to say my husband is best. I do after all live with him :-D

Karen said...

Are the chickens going have access to the area where the vines will be growing? Because, speaking from experience, if they are at all edible, the chickens will have a go at destroying them. We have a trumpet vine (that grew up sort of bushy) in one area of our chicken yard, and they roost under it, climb in it, and will denude the lower branches of their leaves. It's still alive though, I think because it was well established before we got here, and because we move the chickens out of that area periodically. Just be prepared! :)