Friday, March 30, 2007

Last night (or very early this morning) we had another set of lambs born here. Two black mouflon patterned ewe lambs. They are big girls too. One is 11 pounds and the other 9 and 3/4 pounds. Most would say that I am overfeeding my ewe since her girls were so big but I had this issue with Maple last year too. I watched her feed extra well this year because of last years lambs being large, but she just seems to grow large babies. Since she doesn't have a problem giving birth to them---I suppose it all works out in the end. They will stay in the barn until tomorrow just to watch them--then out to pasture they will go. Maple is a great mother and I don't worry much about her lambs. She feeds them well and she is extremely watchful of danger.

Here are two newer pictures of my triplets. The middle girl is missing since she kept moving around and I couldn't get a good picture of her. They are old enough now that they are starting to play---a bit of bunny jumps and a small amount of head bumping by the ram lamb. This group is in the barn in a makeshift larger area. The girls are still a bit smaller and I would like to make sure they are to big for the hawks to check them out before letting them out of the barn. The Pyrenees is suppose to watch for things like that---but he does sleep so....better safe than sorry. Isn't that ram lamb interestingly patterned? He's perfectly spotted for those that prefer a one color fleece since the face is really his only "spotted" part. If he were human I could see him as a heavily freckled little red headed boy---since his spots are more freckly than spotted.

Well--my next ewe isn't due until this next week. Possibly.
That's if she took at that breeding.

So it's out to plant potatoes this morning---the last batch. I have fallen a bit behind getting them in the ground but this is my very last batch. Some I have had in the ground for almost a month (I bought those local) and they are already up and are going to need some more hilling soon. Hopefully we will get rain soon. It's going to start getting dry here if we don't.


Robbyn said...

They are adorable! The little white ewe lamb with the black spots looks like a toy :) Wow, I'd be spending all my time in the sheep barn and the garden would be sooooo neglected, I think...

Mazel tov on the two baby black mouflons...your cup overflows!

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

God is good isn't he?
Thanks for the Mazel tov---my cup does overflow :-D

Robbyn said...

He sure is :)

Enjoy those lilacs...nothing quite like their scent