Thursday, March 22, 2007

Passing through

A pair of wood ducks decided to stop by today and visit. They are so very pretty I wish they could stay---but they can't and wouldn't want to anyways. Besides the pyrenee who will try and catch them so he can smell them and look them over , we have never been able to get any "pond weeds" started to provide cover for animals along the edge or in the pond. The hawks then utilize the very open aspect to pick off any baby anything down there. Our ducks two years ago lost all 10 of their babies in a day and half to the hawks because of it.

Wood ducks I am sure are smart enough to find a better place to nest and then visit us for a bit of fun and frolic once in a while---which we enjoy immensely. Maybe I will break down and plant cat tails and/or equisetum this year to solve my cover plant problem, it's just that I didn't really want a "marsh" aspect where poisonous snakes could hide.
I was hoping for lotuses to get started---but my last one died (thank you drought---one more good thing about you). They wouldn't really provide cover for wood ducks anyways. Oh well. Another year---right now I will just enjoy their visits until they decide to start nesting.

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