Monday, March 26, 2007

Spotted Icelandic Sheep

This sheep shows off one of the (beautiful) reasons why I chose Icelandic Sheep to raise.
Oh I could say it was the dairy reason or meat, fast growth lambs or hand spinning fleeces but I would not be being completely honest with you.

A number of other sheep might have been chosen by my husband and me. A variety of breeds could have done as well is some of those departments or even better: Laucaunes are better milkers after all....but of coarse not better at meat, fleeces or fast growth lambs.

But we didn't choose any of them: We chose Icelandics.

The tipping point for us was the color of the Icelandics---so many many colors--- and the SPOTTING. I love the spotting and the oddest part is, that even though Havvah was my very first spotted sheep, I have never bought or bred another spotted sheep! This year though Havvah has been bred to a spotted moorit (brown) ram ---so I have my fingers crossed for a spotted ewe, or even two, from her. We also have not gotten a ewe from havvah---just a ram. So a spotted ewe from her would be wonderful! She isn't due for a while longer---less than a month though. So I will keep my fingers crossed until then hoping against all hope that it is two wonderfully beautiful spotted ewe lambs :-D

P.S excuse all the posting about sheep for the next month----we are heavily consumed with gardens and sheep during the end of March to end of April.

SmallMeadow Farm Icelandic sheep, Irish Dexters and heritage chickens


Emme said...

Wow - they are beautiful!

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Thanks emme:
They are pretty cool aren't they!