Monday, March 26, 2007

Shearing--Suri's Icelandic fleece

This is our ewe Suri who is not quite a year old yet. Please excuse her odd look her she was not happy about having her picture taken and so she didn't put her best smile on :-D
Those are two pictures of her fleece which is for sale. The bottom right picture shows the color better since the angle of the camera and sun bleached the color a bit on the second photo. This fleece is a little over 3 pounds and very very soft. Suri has a dense fleece---and gorgeously colored too I think. She is a black mouflon ewe but she is out of a line called "hynkill" which means her fleeces get a brownish cast/fading to some of the black ---adding dimension to the color. Suri's "hynkill" pattern also means that almost no "mouflon" pattern shows up--mouflon means her belly and chest can have white on them.
We were a bit surprised when we "snatched" her up to shear her. Her fleece was so thick and it came off like butter--yummy. She was a good girl too while we sheared and you can see she is a bit less tufty than the other shearing picture I have posted. By the time we get to the last sheep---we will be pros (until the next shearing session in the fall Hahahaha).
Anyways---this beautiful Icelandic fleece is for sale---$36.00 plus shipping. It is has been lightly skirted (no mats, no manure and most seconds taken out) but will have some vm in it since she was not covered. It is the second shearing from a ewe lamb so it is still very very soft . Suri's line seems to have nice fleeces overall anyways--young or old which is one thing we like about them.
I do not have this fleece listed on my web site yet, so please contact me through my email: alandtc (at) if you are interested in it. The "at" is really one of these "@". We have so many spams putting our address up that I try and write it that way as much as I can.

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