Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Some news (but without a picture)

I meant to take a picture of my ewe Princess that I have posted about on numerous occasions lately---but I forgot. However---she is doing great even though she didn't get the ice cream that Tim was sure she would like :-)
Yesterday we let her back into the pasture and she seems to be doing fine eating and drinking as she is suppose to. She did "relax" a bit around the pasture--- a little more than normal---but after almost 3 weeks in the barn I think she was a bit tired schlepping up and down the hill. That's to be understood though.
How we got to this point is started in my previous post New treatments for sick sheep . After that all we did was add, first some apple tree leaves (any edible shrub or tree leaves would do though) then some grass. At first I gave her only 5 apple leaves which have less moisture than grass so they would be less likely to cause frothing/bloating or vomiting. We built up to lots of them---fed every few hours that day. The next day I started slowly adding grass to the apple leaves until she could eat quite a bit. By the third day she was back on her hay and drinking lots of water herself and voila! She's well :-)
Today--she had some serious head banging and butting confrontations with a few of the other sheep. She is, and of course was, my top ewe----so she has to reassert her dominance over the others. Seeing her butt another of the ewes so hard head to head a number of times and then chase her down to get in a few more whacks ascertained me that she is completely well. A sick sheep does not fight. She also got in a few whacks on my new ram lamb who is not quite big enough yet to take on the "higher" status adult ewes yet. He will soon however---but full rut and a bit more weight will help him out there.
Needless to say I am relieved that my ewe made it---and I now have a much clear idea of how to treat a poisoned ruminant. Hopefully I will never again have to---but at least I now know more than I did before which is always good. Practice makes perfect they always say---however I am not sure you can ever been practiced with livestock since they always always find some new way to stump you.
Have a great day all.

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Michelle said...

We had a horse nearly colic, but
our sheep have been fine.