Friday, October 19, 2007

A reminder

I am out the door quick today with a number of things to do. However I wanted to leave all of you with a good web site that some may not get a monthly email from. It's the New Farm---by the Rodale Institute. Good little organic/sustainable monthly magazine. I enjoy it anyway :-)

Also the farming community is coming back against the government take over of "Organic".
Check here at the Certified Naturally Grown web site to see farms that are "naturally certified. They are listed state by state with web links if the farm has one.
Hopefully this will continue to grow---and we need to spread the word. I may apply to be certified for my garden soon---you can see my thoughts on why I don't certify my animals and my thoughts on the takeover of "Organic" by the USDA here.

One last thing:
Free bumper stickers for distribution at farmer's markets and other community events at the American Farmland Trust web site. They say "No Farms No Food".
Pick some up for yourself (and your friends). Also---sign the petition!

Have a great day all!

By the way---yes we got a small bit of rain. I am very happy for it----unfortunately it is still just not enough. humph!!!


anita said...

Thanks for these links—I've ordered my stickers. I wish I'd known about them a bit earlier, and I could have gotten some to pass out at the tailgate market. However, it's over the end of the month. :(

I really enjoy reading your blog. We have a few goats (to keep the brush down in the woodlot) and some chickens, but not enough land for more, so I'm enjoying yours vicariously.

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

I know exactly what you mean about the stickers! We just went to something recently---but I will have them next time for sure.
By the way---I wish we had more acreage than we do. On the other hand--more acreage, more work! :-D hahaha