Monday, October 22, 2007

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Do you periodically find yourself with a plastic water bottle? Maybe while taking a long walk or bike ride?

Or how about on trips---we continually end up purchasing bottled water again and again. Sometimes as much for the reason that the area we are in has horrible tasting water. Louisiana---near Shreveport---is one such place. The water there is even murky yellow colored. Yik. I refuse to drink it. I don't care what they say about public water in the U.S being some of the best---any water that is yellow colored, tastes and smells..........well, lets just say I'm not drinking it. (sorry to any Shreveport residents---but it is true)
No matter the reason for the purchase, I always think it is such a waste because I end up throwing away the plastic bottle. Yes, some places recycle---but not all do. So a lot of times they just end up in the trash. And as far as the "sports bottles" go---well we always end up losing the lid or breaking it or something gets left in the bottle and then we can't get out the smell. So it gets tossed. No plastic recycling anywhere near us.

Now I have found a solution to help encourage me to carry my own water and reduce my use of plastic water bottles. Albeit a slightly expensive one---but a solution I will purchase and use and then refill over and over and they are safe in the dishwasher too. They are the Sigg Lifestyle water bottles made out of aluminum. Worried about leaching and other things you hear about plastic---true or not? Worry no more---because the aluminum is at least somewhat safer anyway.
Not only are they metal---other companies do make aluminum bottles---but they are SNAZZY. Their motto is: 144 designs, 22 interchangeable lids, 1 you.
Better even than that---if you damage them you can recycle them in ANY city. Also---if the lid gets damaged just get another because of course you will know were to find one that fits.
Though they carry them at my local organic store and probably at the Rock Creek Outfitters near me I looked on line and found the whole selection. The whole enchilada so to speak------all the different styles so I can be different from everyone else. No matchy matchy with neighbors or kids or husbands (unless you want to that is).
Check them out---their kind of cool.

So, though I haven't decided exactly which bottle to purchase for myself as of yet----I will spend much time perusing their selection so that I can also give some as gifts this xmas too. With so many designs surely I can find one for everyone.


Cheryl said...

We have a few of these and I love them, they go everywhere with us!

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Cheryl I am not surprised---you live in a "hip and happen' " kind of place :-D

Sober Briquette said...

I found you through the Just Posts. I reuse my plastic water bottles all the time, and they are certainly cesspools. I love this idea as a Christmas gift for my very hard-to-buy for husband.

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Sober briquette: I had never heard of them before either. I too am buying a number of them for xmas for the same "cesspool" reason as you :-)