Thursday, October 25, 2007

The consequences of our (governments) actions

So, back in August a man named Greg Niewendorp refused to allow the mandatory (for the state of Michigan) NAIS officials onto his property to test and tag some cattle for TB. Not only did they come back with warrants but Mr. Niewendorp was forced to have his cattle RFID tagged.

Check out this link here for more of the story as it unfolded later---and in his own words.
Mr. Niewendorp was/is a well known farmer often lecturing and writing for various conferences and papers. (Papers/magazines that have to do with natural and organic grazing). Joel Salatin also wrote a letter to the Michigan authorities in regards to Mr. Niewendorp's situation: here

Do not take my yesterday's post lightly----we need ALL people to stand up and speak. Not just farmers. Even if you have friends not really into organic/natural----maybe they are into freedoms. Tell them. Share this. This is not some "blog/internet fantasy" or mis information campaign. This is real---and very very serious.

And please please please if you blog----write your own post on this. Use some of these links. I don't care if you do or don't link to me. Bloggers are a force of their own and we can create change especially when the national media will not pick up the stories.


Robbyn said...

Hey there! I linked to both of your most recent NAIS posts from my blog and included other links. I'm only just beginning to be more familiar with this issue, and am convinced that whether a person has animals and a farm or not, it's still a really crucial issue. Thanks so much, Monica, for provoking us to think and act on this :)

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Thanks for helping Robbyn. This issue affects all of us---farmer or not.