Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A few tidbits

Every so often when I read articles or magazines I dog ear the pages to come back to---either so I can remember the article for filing or future use or so that I can share it with someone.
Well today---I have a few dog ears to share. You may have read these goes.

All of these come from Organic Gardening magazine.
The first one is a small blurb entitled: "Soil Makes You Happy". Here's what it says:

Proof that dirty fingers lead to clean minds:

Findings: A common soil bacterium, Mycobacterium vaccae is an effective vaccine for leprosy. Researchers began to evaluate its value in treating asthma, tuberculosis, and cancer. When cancer patients treated with M.vaccae reported feeling inexplicably happier, neuroscientist Christopher Lory, Ph.D. of the U.K.'s University of Bristol injected mice with the bacterium then examined their brains. The mice's immune systems were stimulated, causing brain cells to release serotonin, a mood altering pleasure inducing hormone. So...Dig in! Be Happy!

Next is about a partnership of universities, businesses, and government called the Zero Waste Alliance offers tips on how to do away with refuse altogether. Their quote: "Waste is really a design flaw" says the director of the organization.
I haven't looked at the site yet really but the comment caught my attention. Waste is a design flaw. Now imagine if an engineer or product designer was given a bonus or raise for designing the product with only reusable or (very very) easily recycled packaging or content. I am not talking "reusable" here like---"I can use that plastic walmart bag for a trash can liner" reusable, nor do I think plastic is recyclable---because I rarely buy things made from recycled plastic (It's not very common and I try for no plastic) and most places don't recycle it anyway. Imagine if designers were fired for "over packaging" products. Case in point. I understand tampering but does my cimitidine REALLY have to come in a box that is literally 3 times bigger than the bottle? I mean---they even put a divider into the package to keep it from floating around in there. Go figure the waste and stupidity there. I would purchase the brand that came with only a safety wrap over the over boxed version if given a choice.

Third we have another web site---again that I haven't had time to check out. It is supposedly a really great site (????) for checking out your soil type, were is water and how deep in relation to your property. Basically soil maps easily accessed on line that have been put together by the local ags, state agencies and government over time. I will check it out at some point---USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS)
The directions are too long to type---but I am sure most everyone can figure it out.

Last is a company that sell water collection products. They have been working with Organic Garden to give away the 1000 gallon water tanks to community gardens. They have other products too though---check them out if you'd like. The Rain Well (.com)


Robbyn said...

Great links...I'll be checking them out, too, in more depth as soon as I have a longer sit-down at the computer. I really appreciate your NAIS post with information how to act now...NAIS is all over Florida with its message to "protect your farm's health" blah blah blah and if they had their way, we'd have to tag everything but the butterflies. They PROMISE there'll be NO government accessing of the data (Hmmphh!)and that it's all just to register participants and standardize health practices. Beware of anything requiring registration...this is total baloney. Consumers should demand the highest level of health practices by doing so at the marketplace or on site locally, not by draconian legislation.

But I rant.

I included you on the list of folks for the Bloggers for Global Change award. Thanks for providing such great information so we can springboard with action of our own and stay informed!

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Thanks Robbyn!