Saturday, October 13, 2007

A quick article

Yesterday's post of "How Are You Doing" brought up some other interesting articles as I researched the information. This one turned up as another example of the "Fascist America in ten easy steps" that I linked to.
Since I usually don't post much on the weekend I am going to put up a link to this article. I looked around and around and couldn't tell for sure if it really was true---or not. I will leave it up to others to check out and figure out if they believe or don't believe. Or even if they can find something I couldn't. I will say I didn't find anything that led me to believe it was an out right lie. This article I link to is the longest and most detailed on the subject that I could find.
So, I am off to care for animals and do my weekend "chores".
Have a great weekend all.

Princeton professor says anti-Bush speech landed him on no-fly list


Michelle said...

Monica, Are you a Peak Oiler?

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

I don't know that I would call myself a peak oiler per se---since that is not ever how I have viewed myself. However, I do not believe as some do that we have "hundreds" of years of oil left. I also have never developed my personal world in relation to oil---though as will all Americans I am reliant on it whether I want to be or not. I don't consider anyone that bases their entire lifestyle completely on a product with which they can not produce their self or in their own back yard to be a very smart move. I have always been surprised by the lack of willingness---nay, out right refusal---of many people to consider supplementing their lifestyle with solar, wind, wood, organics etc to ease our reliance on a finite product.
To be kinder to the earth and help others both economically and health wise by that change is also another bonus.
In my opinion, anything finite is a problem---some one always loses in the end.