Thursday, February 7, 2008


Val Granger from the Woolly Shepherds Diary tagged me the other day for a "meme". Should I say Thanks Val? :-D Maybe not!

Anyway I am suppose to tell 5 things about me and tag 5 others.

1. I am an easily bored person hence the reason why I always seem to have so many projects going at once. But I do finish them---eventually :-D
2. Mexican food is my all time favorite and I could eat it every day
3. I hope to buy a new car (actually used---but new to me) in the near future to replace the very very old truck I am currently driving. I am aspiring to a diesel Mercedes--not a gasser. Oh yes---with leather seats so my badly shedding dog can ride with me.
4. I like beer---rarely wine.
5. I prefer bluejeans to anything else and I liked living in Texas because most of the time a dress up occasions meant you could still wear bluejeans (new of course) and boots.
I'll give you a freebie too:

6. I hated dresses even as a child---but I do occasionally wear them.

I will be tagging:

Nancy of Keeping the Farm since I have never tagged her yet
Robbyn of The Back Forty
Dani of Seven Trees -- another one I have never tagged yet.
Lisa (and Frank) of Mack Hill Farm --they also raise Icelandic sheep
and last but not least
Woody of Woody's Rocky Ridge---so I can see what a guy will post as his 5 things

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