Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More Signs of Spring

I have seen more signs of spring "sproinging" around here. Forsythia blooming (thank goodness not in December like last year) crocus popping up and lots of robins visiting. Yes, definitely time to plant----now just to finish getting over this flue (aka influenza) that I picked up. Thanks for the well wishes from everyone though.

One more sign that it is "that time" of year are my sheep----we see signs of wool break starting. Sadly this may be my last spring with them. Though we are looking forward to the changes we expect this year we are sad (very sad----I have cried) to get rid of our sheep. As with all humans I comfort myself with the "someday maybe I will own some of their decedents again" kind of mental talk. It helps a bit.

Anyway---before things get too deep----I just wanted to put up some pictures of them. Tex (our white ram) is going into serious wool break. It's beginning is triggered by daylight more than anything else. We will allow him to wear his somewhat ratty looking coat for a bit longer since it is still dropping below freezing each night. However he is becoming annoying with it since he dragges himself across everything to try and rid his body of it. As a matter of fact you can see our broken gate in one of the pictures. Not the "top of the line gate", Tex pushed and pushed against it to scratch until a failing bracket (welded on by the gate company) broke. Luckily none of the sheep were hurt since we didn't know this was about to happen and didn't get it fixed before the gate ended up on the ground. I will go today and buy a replacement bolt on bracket and we will re install it.

By the way---the sheep were not very good picture takers today because Mikey (the pyrenee) was dashing and smashing his way around them in excitement for me showing up. I have been very house bound and Mikey just LOVED having me out there---he couldn't contain his enthusiasm :-D The big lug loves me.


Twinville said...

We just bought our first two sheep, two rare breeds. A Karakul ewe lamb and churro ewe lamb.

We are very excited about this.

If I may ask why are you getting rid of your beautiful sheep?

Val Grainger said...

Oh Monica......giving up your sheep!

Have you any fleeces you could post over? I am hard pushed to find icelandic in the uk!