Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Public Comment needed----especially in Tennessee

Today I noticed as the "ticker" thing scrolled at the bottom of CNN that there is a company that plans to bring nuclear waste from ITALY and then process it not far from my family in Tennessee before shipping it to Utah to be buried.

Now I say---What the Hell?!?!
I personally am against building more nuclear power plants and I am absolutely against bringing in nuclear waste from OTHER COUNTRIES (for heaven's sake!)

So I did a bit of research and sure enough---they've known since last year. Of course they aren't making it widely available as only some smaller newspapers have picked it up previous to CNN it looks like. Here is one out of Tennessee:
Herald Citizen Online
And here is a small piece of article from the Jackson Hole newspaper:

The company would bring waste through the ports of Charleston, S.C., or New Orleans. It would be 1 million cubic feet, mostly paper, plastic, wood, metal and ion-exchange resins from nuclear plants.

The waste would be processed, burned and recycled at an EnergySolutions plant in Oak Ridge, formerly owned by Durateck, about 25 miles west of Knoxville.

It's estimated about 8 percent, or less than 1,600 tons, would be sent to the EnergySolutions landfill in Clive, Utah.

Anyway it looks as if the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is taking public comment until March 12th (The agency published a notice in the Federal Register on Monday. It is allowing 30 days for people to seek a hearing or request to become an intervener on the plan from Utah-based EnergySolutions Inc. ) which is NOT long from now. Please help people like me who will live close and also those directly affected living in TN and Utah and contact the NRC to tell them that you disagree with this!
Here's a link to the NRC and I will tell you right off it is not easy to find your way around. I couldn't find anything directly with this petition. However I did find their "rule" page for public comment here. I know it's not easy---but please ....


Hayden said...

Hi Monica - I've been a reader for awhile, but I don't think I've commented before. I linked to this post and wrote a blurb on my blog too - I couldn't find the comments page either, but if no one else does in the meantime, I'll look again tonight after work.

Michelle said...

FWIW, I sent this along to a
friend of mine with a very
high volume website.

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Thanks to both of you :-)