Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Planting time (maybe)

Today when I woke up the weather was very nice. Last night a storm came in and it was 57 when I woke up this morning---very balmy outside. So in that vain--and feeling somewhat better from my flu finally--I went out and worked in the garden. I got a 16 foot row turned over and put in a wheelbarrow full of sheep poops and turned them in. I collect these "special" poops off the top of our dam and they are pure nuggets---no hay/straw/weeds etc. I then weeded the asparagus and artichokes (both sending out expeditionary shoots to check the overall climate) and gave every bed I had worked in a bit of Kelp to add back nutrients.
Next? Why I planted some peas. Just in the 16 foot row that I did today. Two varieties--both "baby peas" since those are my favorite type. I will plant another 16 foot section next week and on and on until it gets too warm or I have more than enough. At least that my plan---we'll see if something else interrupts that. Last year I planted peas just about this time, actually 4 days later, but then with the late hard frost they all died. I am going to assume (you know what that means!) that this year will not be like last year and they will make it to the point of me being able to eat some of them.
I also transplanted some of my kale plants out of the cold frame, giving each their own nice spot in the freshly dug area and their very own Juicy Juice "cold frame". I have been saving these juice containers specifically for this reason. They work great and our one of my favorite things for early transplants. Those nice large apple cider glass jugs would be nice but 1. you need a great place to store them year to year and 2. skill to cut off the bottoms. One of these days maybe.

Next I started my poppy seeds inside in one of the little plastic "greenhouses" I use. I have them down in my room where it is usually very sunny but still cooler at this time of year---perfect for poppies. The other day I had noticed them coming up outside in the garden beds. This was exactly what I had been waiting to see to know when to start my seeds. Outside I have just one variety but this year I am starting 6 other varieties (one is a perennial form) to add different flower shape and color.

Lastly I am putting up a picture of my carrot thinnings---smashingly colorful aren't they! Especially on that orange cutting board. These are Cosmic Purple if I remember correctly. They are very sweet and nice tasting. Some of the thinnings are almost too small to eat but even so they are still not as bitter as some varieties can be at that size.
Next week, or as soon as the weather is good, I will do another row for my peas and put some carrots at their feet instead of Kale. I have a number of varieties: red, purple and yellow (one white too I think) to plant. I really really like carrots either fresh from the garden or baked slowly in the oven with just a bit of butter and REAL maple syrup on them. Sometimes I use brown sugar but usually maple syrup. Baked slowly until tender they are way way way better than boiled or microwaved. Can't be beat for taste. Yum.

I am glad planting is starting---now I have something to blog about other than nothing at all. :-D

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Woody said...

We ordered some of the cosmic purple carrots this year. Happy to hear that you're happy with them. I thought they were pretty damned cool looking..:)