Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A few random thoughts

Just a few random thoughts to throw out for everyone to mull over. Things that for some reason or another have come up and I forgot to say.

Don't forget when choosing your livestock for your farm (no matter the size) to consider "types" that were raised for your climate and have been adapted to various situations that arise---more an issue for those of us in the south, especially the "deep south". Things to consider are food intake needs (we don't all have, nor can we grow, large pastures of clover and alfalfa), heat tolerance, problems with disease or parasites, and docility (some people prefer slightly less domesticated animals and some more so)

Also--remember that there are livestock genetics being lost almost everyday as commercial farming pushes them aside. Don't forget groups like the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy when searching for the perfect breed for your farm. Help save a breed if you can and it fits your farm and goals.

I ate chicken last night for dinner---tyson boneless & skinless. How do they alter the flavor AND worse make the texture like over cooked fish? (Just kidding---I really know but I wanted to throw that out there for all of us to think about) We couldn't eat it all---I had to cover it up with baked beans to get over the funky flavor and texture. Yik. The rest went to the dog----as if he needs that crap in his body right? :-)
Home grown is best---that way we for sure know what's in it. Second best? Why raised by a local farmer (and organic if possible).

A quick link for all the "sustainable, raise my own, environmental, watch dog politics" people out there: http://www.7trees.org/phpbb/
Find information, help and discussion groups for all these issues plus more. (Thanks Dani for passing it on!)

Did you know we are still officially in a drought here? Already we are 2" down for the year. However worse is that the nuclear power plants in some areas may have to be shut down for lack of water for cooling. See this article for more info. Just one more reason why we should go with solar or wind---no need to shut them down during a drought. WAIT---they may even help stop severe weather change if we switched to them. Oh yeah.......no money for the oil companies in those technologies.

Lastly----Did you vote in the primary if your state was involved with Super Tuesday? My husband and I voted for two different people---hopefully one of our choices will rise to the top :-) Good luck to all of us aye?!!


Val Grainger said...

You have been tagged by Val from the Woolly shepherds diary! (www.smallholdinginsomerset.blogspot.com) You have to provide 5 facts about yourself then tag 5 other sites who will all provide a link back to the person who tagged them!!!
So 5 facts….
1. I love beer….especially Pelforth Brune!
2. I am very untidy!
3. I drive a bright yellow car
4. I make my own bread
5. I also save small children from tooth decay by stealing sweets

I love your site by the way!!! Got the link from permaculture in Brittany!

Hayden said...

Last time I had a Rosie (local organic) it was so awful - mushy and flavorless - I swore off chicken. Then learned that they may be organic, but they're now Corning Crosses. :P

Once that was explained to me my innocence was gone, and so was my taste for supermarket chicken. I drive 50 miles, 3-4 X a year, and get local pasture-raised chickens now. YUM!

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Hayden---I didn't know that specific breeds could have texture change---I thought it was food, the way the are raised and injected "stuff" after killing. Learn something new ever day (if your paying attention anyway!)

Val--got it and I will post something.


Dani said...

Thanks for mentioning our friendly oddballs forum, Green Branch! 8- ))

We'll be putting a link for you all at our bog too...