Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My sideline project

As IF I didn't have enough to do I have another small project going:

A hat for my head (I do have short hair after all and it gets cold).

I got the pattern from Knitpicks catalog---it was a freebie pattern. It's called rings of cables and it is very easy. I am knitting it in some brown Alpaca (given to me by a fellow spinner --Susan Darling) that I had spun a while back. I decided last night maybe I would add a few rows and maybe some curly cues on the top in some bright crimson merino roving I purchased recently at a show. I started spinning it last night but I am not sure there will be enough for curly cues on the top---just the color band in the middle. Maybe...we will see. I only purchased a few ounces since I didn't have a specific project in mind for it at that time.

Anyway---it will be done soon as long as I don't put it aside for too long while I do other things. It is knitting up quickly ---nothing like the much larger projects I normally choose. Maybe from now on I will knit hats and socks instead of shawls :-)

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