Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Today I have officially made it 3 days without drinking a soda aka: coke, soda pop, a carbonated beverage, soft drink, or in more relevant (to me) terms: DR PEPPER. O.k, I know--not a very long time yet but.....It is the LOVE of my food eating life! It already seems like an eternity. Of course after listening to my husband go on (and on and on and on ) about corn/farm commodities, I of course had to decide if I was going to walk the talk. That is not even including the guilt over the LARGE amounts of chemical fertilizer and pesticides used on corn. Nor the HUGE volumes of water needed to irrigate said seed. And then there's the GMO problem and also by drinking "coke" I am inadvertently supporting Monsanto (scourge of the earth---I rank them in line with halliburton and some other companies AND people if you get my drift). The whole health benefits and diseases associated with consuming corn syrups are also involved. And of course there is always the empty calories, which didn't bother me at 20 but I don't want to linger around with me as I move into my forties. I would just as soon leave them in the 30s. They'll be happier there anyways. Anyways---not to say I will never never drink another dr. pepper BUT for 6 weeks I will try to break my addiction.
Things I have trouble currently imagining without dr pepper forever though are: Mexican food, Chinese food, chips, popcorn (oops there's that corn again), sandwiches, my lunch,all food, a stressful situation....... Eventually maybe I can just make my own homemade carbonated beverage, with cane syrup or something like that but not for 6 weeks. Part of the "addiction" for me is the carbonation and the yummy yummy sugar. If I make up a good one though I could bottle it and call it M&M. Oh yeah--that's already taken. Well, I don't think my other "moniker" of MOKE or MONK will look as good on a bottle though. Oh well, another business dream dashed.
As you noticed in the beginning of the post I named a few names by which sodas are called. Where I grew up for part of my younger years in Texas---everyone (except transplanted Yanks) called it coke. Now how funny is that? Since Dr Pepper is a Texas discovery and Coke is a Georgia discovery (which is where I am now). To be asked " what can I get you to drink" is to respond with " a coke please" "O.K.---which one will you take? We have root beer, grape, orange, coke and dr pepper" But then of course when you move or travel---you can get into all kinds of trouble saying "Give me a coke please" "No, not a coke---a dr pepper" At least they never generically called it pepsi---YUK. Double Yuk. Of course they could have called it canada dry which would have been o.k. with me too---but a bit of a mouth full I suppose. By the way check out this for a funny little sideline: http://www.popvssoda.com

Wonder who wanted to spend money to do that? By the way: Don't forget to scroll around since the "colors" will change.
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Lucy said...

I went off of pop (that's what it is called in SW Ohio down to NC) about 5 years ago because I did not want to consume high fructose corn sugar made from GMO corn and i found I felt a lot better within a couple of weeks. I still have a soda (what they call it in the north)about every 6 months or so and find I do not really like them at all-too sweet and too fizzy. i'd rather drink water or fruit juice.

FYI it is very possible to make your own coke. I believe Sally Fallon's book Nourishing Traditions has a few recipes on how to ferment your own fizzy drinks.

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Yes, I have made my own soda before---but somehow got hooked on the easy to drink Dr.Pepper. I know I will feel better once I make it through the "withdrawal". Which is not helped by the fact that their is a coke machine everywhere you turn :-(