Saturday, November 11, 2006


Finally--my first post. I have been waiting to get new batteries for my camera so I could add a picture with my first posting. I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to post---but I imagine I will get rolling with time. Anyways--here is my beautiful black maple with a little view of my neighbors house behind it. I hope to have postings of more than the tree in the future: gardens, sheep, cows, the work we do on our house. We have lots of work to go. We purchased our house a bit over 2 years ago and have been working on it ever since. Two bathrooms done--completely tiled floor to ceiling, one left. Kitchen cabinets built--no doors or drawer fronts yet. Stairs with almost finished stair railings. All new windows (boy that was a great project since the old single pane aluminum windows leaked like a sieve) Yes, we flip flop around---but eventually we will finish it. We do the work as we have the money and we do it ourselves. Sometimes we procrastinate if we are unsure how to do a project hence jumping around. Some other things I would like to blog about in the future: pasture restoration, organics, environmental things, raw milk, sheep, fleeces and wool, making cheese, canning and gardening, heritage/open pollinated vegetables. I could go on but will leave it at that for now. :-)

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