Saturday, November 11, 2006


Well here is princess. She is one of our Icelandic ewes. See the hay in her fleece? That is because we have had such a drought this year we needed to start haying sooner than normal. Hay in the fleece is a no no to those of you who don't have sheep. But a problem we couldn't avoid this year. We will have to work harder to pick through the fleece and to clean it up when we are ready to sell it, spin it or get it processed. I wanted to add some other pictures of the sheep---but when I bend down to get good pictures they get so close all I get are pictures of noses. White, pink, black and brown noses. And bit sometimes--they have very sharp bottom teeth and they think the camera is a treat I am trying to give to them --so sometimes I get nibbled which can be painful to the fingers.
We have 16 Icelandic sheep altogether. They are spotted, mouflon, solid brown and black, one badger face moorit (brown) ewe, and some solid white. Some are polled (which means without horns) and some have horns. We like both though some like one or the other. There are pros and cons to both. Disregarding all the theories you hear about why they should or shouldn't have horns---we think horns look neat and polled are much easier to shear. They don't poke you in the legs when you flip them on their rump to shear their bellies. That's why we have both.

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