Thursday, November 30, 2006

Oh I forgot to.....

I have had a number of replies, both email and other, about yesterdays post on grass fed or grain. Of course everyone agreed with me :-) That would probably be because most people tend only to read those blogs that are similar to their own leanings. Kind of like choosing friends like yourself-- I mean who wants friends your always mad at?
Anyways-- one thing I did forget to mention/post about was Joel Salatin in that article. I thought of it after I had shut down that night and wanted to come back and put it in. Since he is one of the original people to outspokenly advocate grass fed/pasture raised he definitely deserves to be mentioned. More than likely most of you have heard of him. Just in case someone hasn't though you take a look at his web site Polyface farm. For those of you who have heard of him---did you know that at one time he tried to do a bit of blogging? Obviously--he couldn't commit the time to it but the one post that I read is very interesting and here it is: Polyface Farm Blog
By the way Joel Salatin has an "open farm policy". Anyone can call, get directions and stop by his farm. I think if anyone doubts the ability for cattle and other animals to be sustainable pasture raised---that would be a good place to direct them to view for themselves.

AND an update: I "got" 3 (yes three) more dump struck loads of leaves yesterday!!! Now I have a whopping HUGE pile out there. My son has moved in and now has a buried fortress underneath said pile. Whoopee----let me do an Indian dance since this is the easiest amount of collecting of mulch I have ever done in my entire life! Yes, in my entire life. My shoulders appreciate it too :-)

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